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Posted 1 month ago

Meet Cleo

Cleo was created to improve your financial health.

Already, she’s helped  3 million people improve their relationship to money with simplicity and a sense of humour. 

She’s not a bank though. She’s an interface for the 99% – an AI assistant defining a new category, one that goes beyond saving up to actually changing how we feel about our finances. 

Through chat, she provides you with deep insights about your money, while suggesting personalised financial products that increase your ability to save. But it’s really our tone of voice that makes us special.

We’re a product for the next generation. That means we’re meeting our users where they are and building the type of relationship they expect. It also means dropping the BS.

In 5 years Cleo should be so intelligent, so engaging, that the relationship you have is unlike anything that’s come before.

Watch this to dive a little deeper

On the frontier of design

We're moving through uncharted territory with brand new design challenges around chat, UI, brand, ToV and applied machine learning that you can't just look up the answer to - across native app and Messenger platforms. We're a small but growing design team with an excellent bunch of developers who are building faster than we can design. To ensure we can keep iterating quickly, we need a maintainable and scalable design system that is built for change, and won't put a ceiling on creativity. And of course, we are solving money problems that make a very real and tangible difference to our users.

At Cleo you would be 

  • Creating clarity through journeys, wireframes and prototypes
  • Validating and iterating designs with researchers
  • Executing designs in polished UI in close collaboration with developers
  • Creating great product, UI and chat experience with UX writers
  • Connecting with our principle designer and wider design team

You are 

  • Deeply curious about people's relationship with money
  • Driven to create healthier and happier outcomes for our users
  • Excited about working closely with developers and other designers
  • Passionate about pixels, craftsmanship and the impact of design 
  • Inspired by design systems, design DNA and brand experience
  • A strong communicator, presenter and collaborator
  • At least 2 years into your design career

What do you get for all your hard work?

  • An above market compensation package (Base + Equity). We're prepared to pay for the very best
  • Work at one of the fastest growing tech startups anywhere in the world who are backed by top VC firm, Balderton
  • The team is exceptional. You'll get to work with brilliantly forward-thinking and dedicated individuals every day
  • Our mission is standout. We want to radically improve everyone’s relationship with money. We're not maximising the time consumers spend in a feed, getting fast food delivered, or building an incrementally better bank. We're changing an industry in a visceral way, which you get to see every day in our customer feedback

We are committed to making Cleo a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We are making continuous changes in order to make sure that all voices, especially those of minorities are heard, supported and celebrated. Our work doesn't stop at hiring, and we are providing every employee with training, support and development throughout their Cleo career, alongside training specific to inclusivity.

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