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Every year, people across the world spend nearly one trillion dollars on groceries. Groceries are a vital part of our lives, but shopping for them hasn’t fundamentally changed since the first supermarket opened 100 years ago.

Food is sustenance, but it’s also much more than that. Food can be a part of a daily ritual or a special moment that resonates with people on a meaningful and emotional level. It can be a much-needed break in a long day, a taste that brings back memories, a creative experiment, a shared meal with loved ones, or even comfort during a hard time. Whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday occurrence, it should always be easy for people to get the ingredients they need.

The Instacart Product Team is dedicated to making grocery shopping effortless for everyone. By helping take care of the shopping, we help people get great food and give them back time so they can do what matters most to them. We’re finding solutions to large-scale challenges that will forever change the way people feed themselves and their loved ones.

We're building a team of incredibly talented product leaders to define and execute on our vision of being the world leader in online grocery. You'll work among star engineers, designers, data scientists, and operators in a fast-growing environment. The role demands a mix of principled thinking, well-honed product sense, and technical depth.

The Instacart Enterprise team seeks a Product Manager responsible for Enterprise Workflow. Instacart powers the eCommerce experience of hundreds of retailers with a huge variety of scale, sophistication and resources. They all rely on our platforms to manage their rich multi-channel shopping experiences. They merchandise around holidays, market to their customers and promote new products. All of it must be measured and sequenced. Retailers have built up expertise on how to do this well over decades but in many cases their tools haven’t evolved much - spreadsheets and email predominate.

Instacart is seeking to deliver to retailers a benchmark setting suite of tools and insights to help them sell more on Instacart and create happier customers. Start by delivering to retailers the tools they know they want - merchandising, marketing, analytics and more. Then raise the bar utilizing all the strengths Instacart can muster including world leading data scientists,  AI and Algorithm researchers. Our goal is to deliver tools so compelling that retailers adopt them for use in their own physical retail channels.


  • Rally a cross-functional team of engineering, research, data science, operations, marketing, local markets, and more.
  • You'll drive product definition, strategy, and long term vision for our retailer facing surfaces and understand their forward looking needs.
  • Identify the biggest problems to solve. Drive new feature development from start to finish
  • Run user research, usability studies, data-driven experiments to inform product direction
  • Build, measure, and iterate rapidly and enable our retailers to do the same
  • Consistently integrate behavior data and customer feedback into key product decisions
  • Communicate product plans, benefits and results to all audiences - within teams, company, to users, press etc.
  • Prioritize work for your team, making difficult tradeoffs on design based on business constraints, ensuring on-time deliverables and high-quality software.
  • Participate in interviewing, hiring decisions, on-boarding, and mentoring new Engineers with the goal of quickly making them productive members of your team.
  • Develop a team culture of ownership, teamwork, and empathy that reinforces the core values of Instacart.


  • 6+ years in Product Management at a technology company working with b2b clients across a variety of scale and sophistication. (Large S&P 500 corporations through SMBs.)
  • Experience delivering impactful products and features that are heavily informed by data as well as user research
  • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems by creating customer-first solutions and thinking from first principles
  • Strong data driven problem solving skills
  • Passion for building products that unlock value for people who are not power users
  • Experience influencing the Executive Team members on key strategy and cross-functional initiatives


Job tags: Analytics Engineering Multi-channel Product management Research User research