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Posted 1 month ago

UI Engineer, Product Design Platform

Help build Stripe’s design systems


Design at Stripe

We believe there are too many barriers to doing business on the internet, and that opportunities are not equally distributed throughout the world. We also think building and growing a business online is a problem rooted in code, language, and design—not finance.

Stripe’s mission is to increase the GDP of the internet and expand economic access globally. We’re designing tools and infrastructure to help our users start, run, and scale an online business from anywhere in the world. That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a diverse set of designers of many disciplines, skills, backgrounds, and specialties to join our growing Design team.

The Design team works across many types of product initiatives at Stripe—from our brand voice and websites to events, web and mobile products, primary qualitative and quantitative research, and even printed publications. And since Stripe’s main audience is other people who build products, we agonize over and take pride in crafting user-friendly and user-focused experiences.

About the Design team and the role

We’re about 60 people total on Design, and we’re divided into teams: Brand Design, Web Presence & Platform, Research, Design Operations, and of course, Product Design.

The Product Design team is responsible for the design systems that underpin all our products, as well as the specific screens and workflows that make up a product’s user experience. Our products include the Stripe Dashboard on web and mobile, which users rely on to run their business, as well as internal tools that other Stripes use to help our users and protect them against fraud or malicious actors. Other products we work on include Sigma, Radar, and our external docs, used primarily by developers when integrating Stripe’s APIs. However, boundaries between teams are permeable, so you can certainly expect to collaborate with other designers and managers on a broad set of design challenges that don’t fall neatly into the Product Design category.

We’re looking for an experienced UI engineer to build foundational infrastructure, UI components, tools, and processes that enable designers and engineers at Stripe to create consistent, high quality user experiences. This includes working on Sail, the design system, technical infrastructure, and component library that all of Stripe’s products are built on.

As a UI engineer on the team, you’ll work at the intersection of design and engineering, driving both decisions that directly impact the design and code quality of Stripe products. You’ll be asked to collaborate with designers, engineers, and product teams from across the company to build systems, components, and tools that raise the quality and consistency of Stripe product experiences.

Please note we have one opening and are looking for an engineer to be based in North America.


You will:

  • Design, build, and maintain Sail, Stripe’s design system and component library.
  • Work side-by-side with product designers, engineers, writers, and other stakeholders from around the company to develop the tools and processes they need to build world-class user experiences.
  • Write documentation and usage guidelines that teach designers and engineers how to use components and patterns across design and code.
  • Build low-level, foundational abstractions and frameworks that enable product engineers to create high quality user experiences.
  • Uphold Stripe’s high standards for engineering and product quality.


You may be a fit for this role if:

Note: It’s not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of these areas—we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in at least one area, and have some interest and capabilities in the others.

  • Think in systems. You can anticipate how a system will be used and the potential downstream effects of large and small changes.
  • Consider yourself both a designer and engineer. You are excited to leverage both skill sets at a professional level.
  • Care deeply about helping other designers and engineers. You understand the needs of both and can build high leverage tools and processes that enable collaboration.
  • Have experience designing and documenting intuitive APIs and libraries. You are passionate about creating great developer experiences and understand the value of clear documentation. 
  • Have a sharp eye for detail in both design and code.
  • Take pride in creating strong foundational systems and understand how to evolve them over time. You can recognize patterns across multiple product areas and predict future needs.
  • Have experience writing user interfaces in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (React).
  • Have experience building WCAG compliant, accessible interfaces.
  • Can communicate large, complex concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. You understand that system-wide changes impact more than just engineers and designers and can understand how and when to communicate those changes.

You should include these in your application:

  • A link to your online portfolio
  • Your CV or LinkedIn profile
  • A few words about why Stripe is interesting to you